Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Library is Cool

Another reason the library is cool- you can check out DVDs like this:

Paul Sabino, our family pastor, hit a home run tonight at D6, our family ministry. You can check out his talk on bringing the nations into your living room here (the talk should be up tomorrow or Friday). I got home and shared with Leatha how I was feeling bad that I wasn't doing a great job of talking to our kids about being a "world Christian." (i.e. God is not an American and Jesus died for the Asian as much as the American).

But thankfully I didn't have to feel bad for too long, because I found out my wife is excelling at this. BTW: If she is doing something well, I chalk it up for myself. Good thing somebody's pulling the weight of teaching our kids about God... (I haven't quite figured out how I can make a living at something and yet do such a poor job of it at home. I'll let you know when I get it figured out.)

Ava loves this video series "Families of the World." Today she watched this one on Egypt 3 times. She watched it with the neighbor girl and here's the conversation (i.e. I think it was more of a monologue than conversation- Leatha overheard it)...

Ava: "Jill (not her real name), you need to watch this video. Now remember, these people are Muslim, which means they're going to hell just like you and your dad, so you need to pay attention. You need to remember to give your life to Jesus- he can save you from hell."

Cameron chimes in: "And you don't want to go there. It's worse than any place on earth. It's worse than the worse place here."

Not the most tactful way of sharing. But I guess their method of sharing Jesus is better than most of our methods of not sharing.

So as it turns out, we are doing a good job of bringing the nations into our home. So now I can go to sleep feeling good about myself.

P.S. I think I figured out my earlier dilemma- I often suck at leading my family spiritually because I, too, am a son of Adam. Don't let any author, pastor, role model, etc fool you into thinking they have it all together. I recently learned of a famous American pastor most of you know and respect who has had a tumultuous marriage. It proves the point.

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