Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Anglican's Dilemma

There is quite a bit in the news about the Anglican church and how they will land on the homosexuality issue.

We were discussing this in the aforementioned Augustine class. You might not know that the African branch of the Anglican church is a radical, evangelistic, Bible preaching group. So they are holding the line on this issue (i.e. "homosexuality is a sin- we should not condone it among our clergy"). The African Anglicans also outnumber those in the "West."

Alex commented, "So you've got the liberal Anglican Church of England, trying to be so tolerant of the views of the Africans... They're already carrying the colonial guilt of the past. So now, how will they respond to the Africans Christ followers? Will they ignore the conservative black majority? You can imagine God in heaven, 'Check mate.'"

So true.

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