Thursday, July 10, 2008

Swimming in the Backyard

The kids have been wanting to set up the pool all summer but I've been holding out. Mark left for Turkey today so I figured the blow-up pool would be a good distraction.  It's  a lot more manageable than taking all four to the real pool by myself.

Tonight we went to Aldi and I let them pick out a few treats for the week ahead. Cameron wanted chocolate cookies so we got them. He was very disappointed when he tried them later. He said they tasted like raisins. 

This may sound pathetic to some but having Mark gone is somewhat traumatic for us. Normally if Mark is home he will put the kids to bed but in preparation for this trip I've been doing it for the past couple of weeks. I always ask the kids for prayer requests and then we pray. The general theme tonight was that Mark wouldn't get killed. Beck prayed that Dad wouldn't slide off the plane.  I keep reminding them that the time will go fast and we're going to do lots of fun things. 


Jeff Dodge said...

You have an awesome husband. He is fun to love and he is REALLY fun to fight with... particularly when it comes to theology. We both care passionately about Truth. And my profound respect for Mark makes it hard to quickly dismiss his arguments. I toggle between admiration and wanting to punch him in the nose. Maybe you can relate :)

But back to the point of my comment -- Mark treasures his wife and children dearly. I know his prayers will guard you. And his friends (count me first in line) will be eager and glad to help you in any way as while he is away.


Metropuritan Mark said...

Jeff, this is why you have earned the name "good shepherd" by Paul. It's no misnomer. Thanks for loving me and my family in this way. Love you bro.