Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A blog I've really enjoyed having on my Google Reader is Adrian Warnock (click here). He is a theologically minded, reformed, charismatic. I have those same inclinations.

He is in London and apart of a cool movement of churches called Newfrontiers. He has some great interviews with people like John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Wayne Grudem, etc, along with sermon links and other cool stuff.

It's more than you will ever have time for. But I've discovered reading the right blogs is more productive than the morning newspaper and evening news. It becomes a case of iron sharpening iron (wisdom, as opposed to just taking in more information). I haven't decided if ours is one of those yet. Ours may be like one butter knife sharpening another.

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Bill Davison said...

Evangelicals are having a little bother wrestling with the problem of how to handle the homosexuality question.

It’s obvious that Holy Literature doesn’t seem to provide a positive guide & the silly beggars can’t find a way to consult with the Almighty One direct, so the Rt Rev gentlemen are forced to opinionate individually as to what judgement their figmentary Lord would favour.

No surprise that disagreements are rife. Verbal gymnastics abound. Their wordy squirming is very entertaining - at times, hilarious.

Impostors - - - The lot of ‘em!

Self-righteous preachers must realise that homosexuality is just another example of the myriad of natural ‘faults’ that occur in the evolutionary process of life. We ‘normal’ human beings, even tho’ abominating it’s existence, must learn how to tolerate it - without undue authoritative interference. There’s no alternative.

It’s very doubtful indeed that any person’s make-up is 100% male or female; an individual’s sexual orientation can lie anywhere in the spectrum. From the ‘normal’ viewpoint, those unfortunates ‘suffering’ the ultimate indignity of this malfunction have drawn a very short straw indeed. Correcting the condition is well nigh impossible.

Seeking a wrong/right ruling on this matter from some unearthly essence displays crass imbecility. Our natural common sense must prevail.

Unrealistic Man-made ‘Beliefs’, the cause of so much mayhem & mortality of past & present are all very primitive Man-made creations - - - devious proclamations of a false & tedious nature, incessantly beguiling shallow minds with absurd religious dogma.

High time Humanity discarded this sanctimonious ailment & put much more faith in the healing process of logic!