Monday, July 21, 2008


This was my Turkey reading on the plane. I'm on a journey to not just be open to, but expecting God to do supernatural, unexplainable work among us.

Since I'm suspicious of most charismatics (due to my own pride, to be sure), I've had to read guys that I respect as scholars. Sam Storms is another great example (I already posted on J.P. Moreland's new book).

This book was actually a lot more helpful than Moreland's. Although I'm not a huge fan of his writing style (he over does his disclaimers and often repeats himself), he covers most of the issues I have thought about. For example, the role of dreams, visions, deliverance, the voice of God in guiding us, etc.

Sam's voice is one we cannot ignore. I love his graciousness in giving the benefit of the doubt, avoiding harsh judgmentalism at all costs. I appreciate his desire to bring God's people together on this issue. It's well worth the read.

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