Thursday, July 24, 2008


My sister and her family were in town. The kids love seeing their cousins from So Cal.

We celebrated my return from Turkey by going to the Story County fair. Here we are in with the Swine... if you're not from a farm community, you'll never fully appreciate how bad it sucked to be the Prodigal Son.
One of the dangers of any county fair in Iowa- poop on the wheel of your stroller. Who knows what animal it came from... As we walked into the hog barn, Leatha said, "this is why I don't eat pork."
You can never be too safe when learning to walk and ride your fisher price toys. I guess it's what happens when you're a one year old at the mercy of your safety conscious sister.

When I was little, the only helmet we wore was our skull. Speaking of which... I just got busted with an elbow playing basketball. This is the poor man's stitches... I was even too cheap (or lazy, one of the two) to go to Walmart to get some super glue.

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