Monday, November 10, 2008

Anthem Week: Identity

Leading up to Anthem this Friday, we're doing a spiritual intensity week.

Everyday we're going through a journal with a one word focus; today is identity. Who we think we are and who the world says we are is vastly different from who we are in Christ.

This morning I read from the Valley of Vision:

"In the light of thy preciousness, the world and all its enjoyments are infinitely poor... Amid the blessing I receive from thee may I never lose the heart of a stranger....Produce in me self-despair that will make Jesus precious to me."

May God awaken the souls of this generation to find their identity in Christ.

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Kellie Engelman said...

I'm so excited for this! I will be praying for it. Wish I could join you guys. Identity is such a great way to start with an age group dealing with Identity vs Role Diffusion. Now I'll shush my developmental mouth. :)