Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Most of the TSC staff came over for a meal and hangout at our house today. Everyone brought something to contribute to the meal, so there was plenty to tempt our kids, as you can see.

Tonight Beck told me, "Dad, I need some pop so I can be tempted to eat my dinner." [That's his covert way of trying to bait me into using coercion to get him to eat.]

"No, Beck."

"But I need pop so I can be tempted."

That's a new spin on temptation.


Ed Noble said...

Gueroito! (Beck)
James 1:14!!!
Wake up & smell the coffee dude!



Metropuritan Mark said...

We're working the "guerito" nickname around here. We'll see if it sticks...


Anonymous said...

BECK!!! What a stud! Haha...