Monday, November 24, 2008


Conveniently, I lost my voice last week when I was supposed to speak on Romans 7.

So I called my friend Alex Tuckness and he saved the day. Listening to Alex speak on Romans is like having the Apostle Paul explain- in the form of a sermon- what he meant.

Click here for the message on Romans 7.

I'm sure I'll have my voice back to preach on Romans 8 for the last two TSC's...(then lose it again on 9 and 11 next semester)


Chris said...

Hey Mark,

Found your blog via Ed. Glad to see you are still laboring with College students in Ames. God bless you brother. Sounds like the Salt/Cornerstone are still reaching people. Good to see.

I'm still at Wheaton Bible. New role, same church. I do local compassion and outreach now. And still helping to lead our Sunday night worship service.

- Chris McElwee

Metropuritan Mark said...


Bro, it's great to hear from you! I hope things are going well in Wheaton. Are you still in touch with the Waite's?

I still can't believe the connection you have w/ Noble from Fresno E-free. Small world.

- Mark