Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post TSC Oblivion

So here's my Thursday night routine when I get home from TSC around 11 p.m...

Snack time at a quiet table (with the occasional noise of Beck talking in his sleep). Oh yes, Leatha's homemade Granola cereal with a banana (a rare treat...which is why I save half for tomorrow morning) and my vanilla soy milk from Cosco.

Granola, banana, SOY MILK??!! I used to make fun of people like me.

But now that I'm me, I still make fun of me for being such a 32 year old (as of yesterday...) The midnight snack used to be Fruity Pebbles, but now I'm a grown up or something. (Click here for some background on all the maturing that has taken place since April 25th.)

Usually I'm so overwhelmed by all the conversations, people, me giving all I've got, etc that I usually just sit in silence and eat.

Then I mindlessly check some of my favorite websites.


jared said...

I remember when I lived with you guys and you would secretly covet my frozen pizzas.

The Pelhams said...

My Uncle Rick(TSC Retreat 97 predestination) a senior pastor at Faith Bible Church in Merced, CA, father of 4 almost 40, still eats Lucky Charms at night for a snack!!:)

Ed Noble said...

You are in IOWA! Shouldn't you be eating things with some kind of family tree?

Thanks to Iowa for sparing the nation another Big 10 beat down in the BCS title game.


Mitch Christensen said...

Great blog. It has become one of my regular reads. But man, that organic milk is a hoax. All that estrogen in soy can't be good for a guy. God Bless.