Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A prophet speaks out

This is amazing. Not amazing as in funny, but prophetic. Listen to John Piper's perspective on the election (it was recorded before the election, but every bit as applicable) by clicking here.

There are times you hear someone and think, "I'm in the presence of a modern day prophet." After watching this clip, I had that thought. (I first had that encounter after hearing him speak at the first Passion conference in '97). His book Desiring God was the framework for a Copernican revolution of my thinking about God my sophomore year of college.

John Piper, wherever you are, thanks for what I believe is a prophetic utterance here. (and props to Andy and Jeff for passing this clip onto me...)


Ed Noble said...


What a great little talk-ete from JP! It cheers my soul tonight.

I'm not down with his views on women in secular leadership, but I loved his 1 Cor 7 perspective.

Looking forward to connecting in a couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Throwing around "prophetic" so loosely can lead people to think Piper just spontaneously gets wisdom from God (requiring no effort) rather than his lifetime in depth study of the Bible, and his applying his heart to understanding as proverbs commands. This can lead them to neglect studying their Bibles because they think no effort is required to see and understand things like what Piper sees and understands. Why not simply say this is a "wise" word? While maybe not as spritual/trendy, it is less confusing to those who may not know how you mean "prophetic," and God is not a God of confusion.

And what exactly do you mean by "prophetic"?

Ed Noble said...

Stick w/ prophetic!