Monday, December 29, 2008

The easiest $50 you'll make

Today I went and drove a Dodge Ram truck and made $50. Well, the money is in the mail.

Click here to see how. There's nothing in this for me, I just thought I'd pass it along. The deal was originally posted on That's a great website to frequent for deals. Slick deals, that is.

ps...the deal ends Feb. 2.


Anonymous said...

hmmm, at first I thought cool. But then I thought I couldn't go through with it because I wouldn't really have any intentions of buying the vehicle, the car companies are struggling so bad right now, and so many peoples jobs depend on their fate.

Metropuritan Mark said...

I understand what you're saying.


I think your reason for not doing it is the very reason they are doing the promotion. It's a matter of finding people who have no intent of buying a truck and getting them onto the lot. I was so disappointed in the service at the car lot I went to in Ames. The salesman didn't even try to get my business; he was more interested in getting home than getting a sale.

But again, I respect your decision. Thanks for sharing it.