Monday, December 15, 2008

This is for you- Esmerelda

For those of you that saw Esmerelda, you'll remember one of the most moving scenes...the night dancers.

This is a part of that scene that ended up getting cut.

Actually, the TSC staff was asked to help tear some of the set down. Next thing you know we're hooking ourselves up to the flying equipment and seeing if we can touch the ceiling of the auditorium.

Why did we do it?

It was fun.


The Pelhams said...

Doesn't look like much tearing down was being done!! What a production!! It was great seeing you guys too!

Leah said...

Can you tell Craig and I a little bit about the "Acts 29 Network"? We've looked at the website and Ethan gave a general: Continuing th book of Acts, planting churches, etc. But I'm curious to hear your thoughts, understandings and feelings about the group. I've never been a part of a church plant. I think it is important, but the sole goal to plant 1000 churches in 20 years? I'd really appreciate your input.

Metropuritan Mark said...


Here's my perception of Acts 29... Mark Driscoll had a lot to do with the vision of it. Naturally, most of the church planters/pastors will be like him. For the most part, I love that dude. He's in the new wave of reformed charismatics (not the wacked out kind). He's a little over-dogmatic, so in that way sometimes he goes too far on some issues. But I would commend his church to anyone. But every church will be like its leadership. So I would make the decision on what church you land on based on your assessment of its leadership.

So as far as the movement goes, I think it's a noble vision. I don't know much more about it.

Also, Coram Deo there in Omaha is another Acts 29 church. Have you been there yet?