Monday, December 22, 2008


We're trying to make this Christmas season as spiritual as possible.

So we plan on watching plenty of movies. 

Last night we did the usual family movie night and watched Wall-E. We've got "Nativity" in the cue. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Nativity a couple years ago, but I can't remember if it's kid friendly. 

But Wall-E definitely was. What a brilliant movie! There was little dialogue, and yet the story had such depth. The thing that stuck out most to our kids... it seems like it would be fun to eat and be entertained all the time, but you will end up overweight and unable to walk. That's what I loved about the movie- there were some accessible themes, and others requiring more thought.

I just can't think of them now... we're watching the Duggers...she had #18!

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Barbie said...

That's funny you just watched Wall.E because we just watched it last night too. I have to say though, I wasn't that into it. (I got some ironing done. Although Joshua liked it. I'll tell you the movie that Cassidy, Micah and I loved was "BOLT". That movie is totally my cup of tea...very funny!