Monday, December 8, 2008

Last Monday Prayer :(

"Prayer is that slender nerve that moves the arm of omnipotence." C.H. Spurgeon

This picture was taken this morning at our last prayer meeting of the semester. This is the only ministry in the history of the Salt Company that hasn't changed... 7 a.m. every Monday that Iowa State has classes, you'll find around 100 students seeking God in the Memorial Union.

There is no doubt that God has acted on our behalf (Is. 64:4)

Also, Leatha and I were privileged to see a dress rehearsal of Esmerelda (our church's Christmas musical) yesterday. I knew a little of the story line, special effects, etc, but I was totally unprepared for what I saw.

It was one of the most compelling and epic stories I've seen. I was emotional at different points as the story of redemption connected with my soul. I walked away thinking, "The Gospel is the most amazing thing ever. And what a God and Savior is ours."

Over 6,000 tickets have been sold for this. If you have someone in mind to bring, but don't have tickets, my suggestion is to bring them anyway. I'm sure there will be some open seats.


J and J Masson said...

do you think mike would care if you made a bootlegged video and sent it to us??

Metropuritan Mark said...

I'll do my best...

- Mark