Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bible Translations

Click here for an interesting article in USA Today about the updated NIV Bible that will be released in 2011.

Even though I'm currently listening to the English Standard Version, I'm dragging my feet on switching over from NIV to ESV for preaching, daily reading, and memory.

For preaching... because most people use the NIV, and if there is a significant point that comes out better in a different version, it's easy to reference that. Most often, I find the NASB to "color" in the text, as it's the most word for word to the original languages.

For daily reading... Part of me thinks that it would be good to switch over so it will be "fresher" when I read stuff I've read 50 times. On the other hand, there's something nice about the familiarity, and how it flows through the mind.

For memory... I gasp at the thought of relearning sections of scripture. Of course, I don't have to re-memorize everything in the new translation, but it's a pain when I'm trying to review and I can't use the ESV to quiz myself.

I think I need counseling.

Then there's the King James version. Anyone want to go back to Shakespearean English? Not me.

Example: Ephesians 2:5b in KJV: "...hath quickened us together with Christ."

What does that even mean?

Let me check the NIV: "...made us alive with Christ."

Going from not understanding what something means to grasping the promise that God has made me alive in Christ is of great consequence.

Translations do matter.


Jed said...

I hung on to my KJV through my Freshmen year, but I felt bad that when I let someone use/share my bible they gave up because they couldn't read it. So I caved and conformed to what my dad (jokingly, I think) refers to as the Not Inspired Version.

WendyPierce said...

Cody gave me the ESV study bible for Christmas last year and I thought "gee, just what I need, another version of the Bible". But I LOVE it. I have so enjoyed reading every day with new language. It does cause some problems when I teach at Bible study, but I don't know why everyone else is taking so long to make the switch. Piper up! (that's a John Piper reference because he uses ESV)

Holly said...

I don't think Eric has more than one Bible in the same translation. He likes to switch translations yearly. He likes to keep it fresh and is always interested in the how's and why's of translation. Go figure, he's a linguist!