Sunday, September 13, 2009


Here are some laughable moments from last week...

1. Inspired by opening week of NFL...

I had a half a loaf of banana bread that went bad and decided to throw it from my porch into the compost box.

I overthrew it.

It hit off the top of our fence, crumbling into about 20 chunks as it scattered like fertilizer onto my neighbor's lawn. I needed an excuse to jump the fence and get into their yard. So to save face, I "overthrew" the tennis ball to my son, hopped over the fence and quickly gathered the shards of stale banana bread.

I got the molded bread back to its organic home. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

2. Praying with Ava...

I often try to relate stories from my past to Ava's situation. She is nervous about an upcoming speech, so in my prayer I was reflecting on all the times I was nervous about a school project, but sought God's help to pull me through, "God, help Ava like the time you helped me write out the notes for my music theory composition."

Then I realized that my friend ended up doing the composition for me.

3. Anyone know David West?

This drunk dude at the Iowa- Iowa State game was so proud that his nephew is David West. Supposedly he's a famous WWF wrestler who played football at Iowa State.

Talk about being insignificantly famous.

I'm much more impressed with my fame due to the fact that I peed next to Jerry Tarkanian in the urinals at the 1994 Final Four in Charlotte.

Now that's stage fright.

4. Never give an old guy the remote.

We were watching Munich, a great movie with some bad scenes. I warned the older audience I was about to watch it with, but let them know the scenes were very predictable. All we had to do was hit the skip button.

My dad commandeered the remote.

"Okay, dad, this scene is going nowhere fast. Skip... SKIP dad... DAD SKIP!!!!"

I turned away in disgust, as everyone was subjected to some Titanic action.

They may have watched it in slow motion for all I know. But dad was crunching every button on that remote trying to save the day.

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The Pelhams said...

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We feel with 5 kids you guys always seem to have all the right punishments for the crime, help please, we need some advice!