Friday, September 4, 2009

Random Pictures

For my weekly ministry report, click here. This picture represents one of the highlights of my year. Those ants you see in the rows are college students picking up trash very late at night, with nothing in it for them. (Before you go patting me on the back, it goes to my salary...). Every once in awhile I hear reports of people or ministries accusing TSC of being big and shallow.

Here's Jett's second mom, Ava, giving him a bottle.

Batman was Ava's little "helper." Though not much help, as she asked him for a burp rag, and he comes hauling in with Jett's entire play place.

I guess that's life with super powers... always overdoing it.
Here's my friend (and Anthem song writer AND Wizard rocker (click here), Ryan Seiler with furniture he built for a museum in Iowa. I guess some guy from Iowa got the Nobel prize, Congressional Medal of Honor and who knows what else for saving millions of lives with his wheat hybrid. These benches (there are two more) represent the end of the wheat.
I went shopping for some new specks with Makai. He hit the jackpot- all those glasses on the walls just waiting to be tried on.
Maybe he was thinking, as he looked into the mirror, "Peter Parker. Clark Kent. Bruce Wayne. Every super hero needs an alter ego. This is my chance."

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Jed said...

Uhh, Batman doesn't have super powers, he's just super rich.