Friday, September 11, 2009

To buy or not to buy?

I took Beck and Ava to TSC with me last night. This pretty much tells the story for was a little too late for a 4 year old.
For a weekly ministry report, click here. God is doing some cool things, especially in the Greek community.
We were in Omaha over Memorial Day.

I went to the Stuff Mart (Cue the Veggie Tale music from "Madame Blueberry"...the best Veggie Tale episode, which still haunts me with conviction.)

Stuff Mart=Costco

I walked in a content, happy human being and then I realized the void that was missing in my life as I stared at the array of HD TVs. Am I living in a cave to not have one? And for only $599! (plus a $50 rebate).
I almost took the bait. I still might.

But thanks to our purchasing policy: the bigger the purchase, the longer we wait to buy it. And that only after talking it through with Leatha.

I almost got spiritual and included "talking and praying it through..." but the truth is that I generally don't pray about these kind of decisions, because usually that leads to not purchasing anything. I try not to put off my conspicuous consumption on God. That would probably be a form of taking God's name in vain.

Moreover, after getting wrecked by the Sudan video last night (previous post) and currently reading Three Cups of Tea and recently giving more thought to the Leatha orphanage, the HD TV purchase is becoming less and less likely.

I'm so blue I don't know what to do. (for the few of you who've seen Madame Blueberry)

Here are the kids striking a pose at Costco.

Then we proceeded to eat at Costco.

"Bless this food to our bodies?"
Is this another form of taking the Lord's name in vain? Or is it truly an expression of great faith?

And should I buy the TV or not?

I'm sure I'd use it for ministry.


Marti said...

Just some food for thought:

We won a 42" plasma TV over 2 years ago @ Josh's Christmas party. We have toted that thing to at least 10 different places for church outreach events. So...maybe you could use it for ministry? BUT, maybe that might make you a bit like Ignatious??? FLAME!!!!!

Kiki said...

I keep telling Drew that I'll use a bigger house for ministry reasons.

Anastasia said...

We are having the same dilemma. Every time we walk into Best Buy, or even Target, I can't take my eyes off those HDs! They are amazing. But we're in the middle of FPU right now, so no TV for us.

Anonymous said...

Eh...a TV is always nice to have around but don't you already have one downstairs?! Honestly, I would keep the money, invest it and/or save it for a rainy day. HD, in my opinion, is're eyes will adjust accordingly. As for the ministry aspect...We've faired thus far, don't think the TV is a make or break deal.