Monday, September 21, 2009

Week in Review

This is why we have so many kids... someone's got to grind the wheat. He's wearing ear protection. You never know when OSHA is going to show up. Actually our wheat grinder is super loud.
This is what I listened to on my laptop while cleaning the kitchen on my day off. Tim Keller, one of the brilliant minds (and pastors) of our day.

Our kids didn't do the best job of taking care of their frog. It shriveled up in the bottom of the bucket. Dehydration can't be a fun way to go.
A boy's jackpot.
The young guns
Makai playing dead
Grandma Marge holding Jett. What a legacy Grandma is leaving for our family... she is praying for all of her offspring to follow Christ until the day he returns.
Beck at Papa Jack and Grandma Linda's in Omaha last weekend.
For my weekly ministry report, click here. In this picture, Jeff Dodge is teaching church history as a part of Cornerstone's school of theology.

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Anonymous said...

That video is over an hour long. I want to know why it took you that long to clean the kitchen...