Thursday, May 15, 2008

Garage Sale 2

When Dude drove by our house 3 times at 1, 2, 3 and finally rolled in for good at 3:15, I knew we were in for a good day. (Garage sale started at 4) This garage saler had his plastic Wal-mart kicks with socks pulled up just under the knee.

His first line, "How much for these bed frames?"
Me, "Hmm [pause for one second to think]"
Garage Sale Dude, "You know, those are worth hardly anything."
Me, "1 Dollar."

Kuuhh-ching! Sold to the man in the tight cutoff jean shorts with black socks and velcro Pro Wing imitations (He was a close relative to the Dynamite family, for sure. I think I saw Kip and Napoleon arguing in the LTD parked on the street).

Seriously, it was amazing to see the place packed with people- most not quite as savvy as garage sale dude (almost everyone bought items for the marked price). After the first day (4-ish hours), we sold over $700 worth of stuff. Ava made $27 on her lemonade stand.

It was unreal. We are thankful to God for bringing people. Oh yeah, and all those people were at our house before I put up a single sign! "Low Prices" must've been the tag line in the newspaper ad that reeled them in.

Leatha just got off the internet looking for water purifier systems and I'm checking out Macs for her. I'm so proud she finally has some money to spend! I think she said something about being driven to coupon insanity, so I may have to spell out our budget in a future post...


CarrieAmelia said...

That is awesome that your sale did so well!! Ours was the same day, but we didn't advertise as well, so we certainly didn't have as many people. I went over to your house when I was finished with mine, and there was hardly anything left!!! Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Do tell about how you guys manage your budget, have a Walgreens stash, etc. Can this coupon-thing be done without being crazy over it and going to several stores just to use the coupons. I'd love to know the methods and the madness!