Friday, August 15, 2008

Harry Potter Band

Some dudes from our church have been trying to "make it" in the music business. After a couple semi-successful bands, they decided to start a Harry Potter band for fun in the "wizard rock" genre.

Next thing you know, Ministry of Magic (click here) is blazing a trail for wizard rock. They've had their music played on MTV, and they just finished an interview with them as well about their music. They just returned from shows in Chicago, where there were over 400 people (from around the world!) at them.

Amidst the packed concerts of wizards (where they encourage the crowd to bust out their "wands"), they are seeking to represent Christ. In the interview with MTV, which will be released soon, Mark Jennings spoke boldly about Christ.

They are getting a lot of flack from their old fans (from when they were in the Christian music industry), who consider them to be "selling out Christ." They need to watch Brad Stine's satire of these "burn Harry Potter books" people (on his DVD "Put a helmet on"- hilarious stuff). And they need to remember C.S. Lewis' words, that what we need is not more Christian artists, but artists who were Christians.

Go Ministry of Magic! Your music rocks.

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