Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Leatha Foundation Update

Through a crazy set of circumstances, we ended up with an orphanage in Malawi named after Leatha. It's called the Leatha Foundation. Many of you have contributed to feeding, clothing, etc the orphans you will see in these pictures. Here is the latest update from Pastor Thomas Tambula, who gives oversight to the orphanage... (click the "Leatha Foundation" link to the right for related stories)

"Dear Mark and Leatha Arant, I write to thank you very much for your administration. I pray that God should keep your family peace and harmony...The program of Leatha foundation is hot. People who saw the distribution of blankets, clothes, and food as well as transportation are attracted and they appreciate me. I told them that do not look at me but look at our heavenly God can do anything easy. And I am assure you that your work is well appreciated here in Malawi. You have preached good news through me."

In the pictures you will see the blanket distribution- it gets surprisingly cold this time of year in Malawi. You can also see the bags of food. They mostly eat maize- as I understand it's a sort of bland corn meal (maybe some of you that have been to Zambia can fill us in on what kind of grain/food is pictured here)

I want to personally (how insincere, as I write this on my blog :) ) thank all of you who participated in supporting the Leatha Foundation last year, especially the hundreds of college students who gave generously (in one night raising $5,000!).

We will be taking another offering for the orphanage this December or January.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this- to look after widows and orphans in their distress."

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jared said...

The corn meal you see will be made into what called either Nshima or Shima, depending on who you talk to. Pretty much the most boring, yet filling food I've ever had.

Glad to hear an update on the orphanage.