Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm thinking about becoming Retropuritan

We're already on our way... you know we hang our own clothes out to dry, grind our own wheat, make homemade salsa, apple cider vinegar, laundry detergent (but we don't do it by hand in the nearest river...yet), and are contemplating joining an agrarian community.

I could feel the simplicity of life flooding my veins as I rode. Oh, for the olden days again! No gears to worry about switching. No handbrakes to wonder, "Is this the front or back brake?" One gear. One kickstand. One basket. One way to brake (simply push back). 
Are you struggling with envy? (Holly, is your Mary Poppins bike this cool?)
It corners well.

You know I'm joking about the agrarian community, right? Leatha came across an agrarian blog that she found fascinating because she went to high school with the guy. (Funny thing that these Neo-Amish folk are online). I don't think they'd let us in anyway, because we don't homeschool and they're probably not willing to build a skatepark. 

Moreover, it's hard to live off the land with the upcoming baseball pennant race (Go Cubs!) and football season.

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