Saturday, August 2, 2008


My apologies for not posting in a few days... I've been busy reading Life of Pi, watching X-games (go Danny Mayer, an old Omaha homey), cleaning apartments (TSC fund raiser), keeping up with the Cubs and Ed Noble's podcast (fyi- he preached a pretty "defining" message on where the church should be related to the issue of gay marriage, you can hunt it down free on itunes).

I last posted on a heavy note. It's definitely time to come up for air. Here are some pics...

The genius of my dad's resourcefulness and innovation... this is one of the reasons I had such a cool childhood. This slide launches the kids right into the pool. My dad tried it once to test it, and since he missed the physics class where you learn about the relationship of momentum, mass and velocity (p=mv), he went flying over the pool and slid across the concrete patio, with the house finally stopping his forward momentum. Go Papa Jack!
I'll give you one guess what Makai is eating off the spatula...
In most households, you might guess cookie dough, cake batter, frosting.... Oh no. Not in this Puritanical garden. You guessed it- the magical fruit. Leatha's homemade refried beans.
We were pumped to get invited to Brady's birthday party (a friend of Cameron's and our family). You can see the Iowa agriculture in the background. I was fortunate enough to have rural Iowa integrated into my childhood during the summers. It made me want to live on a farm and buy a four wheeler. Well, at least for a day...
Cameron flying solo on the four wheeler. (above)
Here is Beck on the four wheeler. I led him on a short ride. Earlier today I was watching X-games with Beck. (I think we were supposed to be napping in our bed, but magically ABC popped on the TV screen) He said, "Dad, I want a motorcycle for my B-day. And a helmet. And a motorcycle costume." I have to admit, with a name like "Beck", your heart is bound to be inclined to guitar and X-game activities. And hopefully Jesus.
Here's the b-day boy with his crew. Thanks Ehresman's!

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