Monday, August 25, 2008

Random pictures from the last couple days

Sunday afternoon I spent a couple hours making salsa. True to my personality, there is no defined recipe, just a mixture of about 30 tomatoes (I squeeze all the juice and seeds out), 3 onions (small, from the garden), 3 jalepenos, minced garlic, a whole bunch of cilantro, 1 lime, salt, sugar then I throw it in the food processor. We froze and canned enough to get us through the year. 

Sunday night we took the family to Salt Company's freshmen group kickoff. There were over 500 people that came. It's amazing to see all the freshmen- there are more divine appointments than you can keep track of. It's no surprise with all of you praying. Bless you!  We have our TSC kickoff Wednesday night at 6:30 CST. Please pray! (Stan Hayek is up on stage. I call him our 23 year old Rick Warren.)
Today we picked some apples out in the country at Crita's. She is a sweet widow who lives near my uncle's pony farm. Tons of cats entertained the kids.
Makai was trapped in the jog stroller. We just kept feeding him apples. Everyone was happy. For awhile...

We filled the whole trunk of our Odyssey with apples. This should be applesauce for the whole year. These are as organic as they come- worms and all. 

Speaking of apples...this is the apple tree in our backyard. It has produced one apple, as you can see near the bottom. My only question about this tree- according to the "bearing fruit test," will it make it to heaven? 

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nicole (nicmowat) said...

hey guys! i'm enjoying reading your blog and seeing where you are in's been a LONG many years since my own freshman group at isu! :) neat to read that you are "crunchy" :) we are too...i'd grind wheat if i had the room for all the appliances...guess that's next on my list! :)

hoping you aren't thinking "who are you??" as you read this! :) hehe....

i'm living in houston texas, just around the road from voddie baucham..haha..saw that you mentioned him, he used to be a part of my church, and then split off...