Thursday, January 15, 2009

College Ministry

Tonight was a reminder of all the things I love about college ministry...

1. They're not afraid of -30 degree weather (the gym was full). BTW: it was 3 degrees colder here at noon than Antarctica. The south pole has nothing on us.

2. Worship was amazing tonight. Listening to Haleigh sing Brooke Frasier's "C.S. Lewis Song"...dang. The lyrics come straight out of Chapter 10 of Mere Cnty on "Hope"

3. Preaching on passages like Romans 8:18-27. I felt like my words fell terribly short of the glories found in that text, but based on the conversations afterwards, God's word went out with conviction. Praise you, Father in heaven.

4. Praying with a student who found out over break he has cancer. He wasn't planning on coming tonight, but he called his friend last minute and told him he felt he needed to come. The message was for him. He's afraid. We prayed for him and trust the Spirit will pray for him as well (v 26,27)

5. Talking with 2 atheist students, one (an American) who was cut to the heart. He didn't have an answer for the question, "What is my hope?" He's wrestling with truth and eagerly seeking out Christian community. The other student I was able to give a Chinese Bible. You would have thought I had just given her a new Wii system.

6. A freshman who wants to go into ministry wants to hang out and learn from me (I know, it's kind of ridiculous, but that's part of my job...and the cosmic joke in heaven)

7. Meeting a student (that I had already met once) who gave his life to Christ earlier this year, is facing opposition from "religious" parents. He's a total stud. God bless him. And he wanted me to know how excited he was to be in my TOG (theology of the gospel) class this semester.

8. An email in my inbox from a student who was inspired to get a tattoo and whether or not I think it's okay.

9. Being in Alex's Old Testament class and learning alongside a sophomore, who told me we were using the same books as his friends at their Christian college. Our TSC students are getting a Christian education at Iowa State. Ha. 

Someday I'll write a post on all the things I don't like about college ministry. Here's a sneak preview...

1. Looking at the clock and thinking, "I've got to be up in a few hours for an elder meeting."

PS...pray for us, as we will be talking about how to lead the church to trust and follow Christ in this new year...

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