Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!

Here is a letter I just sent out to all of our TSC alumni and supporters (many of you received this earlier today). Soli Deo Gloria!

Dear TSC Alumni and Supporters-

I write with overwhelming gratitude in my heart. Let me share why...

As you know, at the beginning of December we made you aware of the financial need for the ministry of the Salt Company. The need was over $28,000, which is a very large amount of money to raise in one month. Especially given the state of our economy, we wondered how God would provide. But we prayed as our Lord taught us, "Give us this day our daily bread."

And did He ever... $33,423.30!!!!

I laid in bed last night wondering how to thank you. Words just can't capture my gratefulness- first, to God, who has richly provided for all of our needs, and second, to you, who faithfully responded to the Lord to contribute to His work here in Ames. I give glory to God, for there is no other way to explain the abundant provision than God putting it on your hearts to give.

I hope you will be encouraged that God will not only meet our needs, but yours as well in the uncertain days ahead of us. 

Finally, I wanted you to know that the overage will not be "lost." We know that your sacrificial gift was for continuing the work of reaching the lost and making disciples of college students here at ISU. We will use it with wisdom as we move ahead in this vision of reaching every dorm, apartment, and college student that comes to Ames.

Again, thank you.

Mark Arant

TSC Director

Since writing this, I just had the awesome privilege of leading a lost 19 year old college student to Christ. 12 hours ago, he was the worst sinner on his floor, wreaking havoc. Less than one hour ago, we went into the chapel of the Memorial Union, knelt before the cross, and he prayed to receive Christ. 

To all of you who pray for us and give your money to support the ministry of TSC and Cornerstone, you shared that moment in the chapel with me. God will reward you on that Day. Bless you and bless the work of His kingdom here!

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