Monday, January 5, 2009


Sports will never be anything more than the candy section of life.

But I like sugar. And this is the best time of the year for a sugar high.

So here's an open letter to all you sugar addicts...

Viking fan- My condolences to you. You never thought the day would come when you would envy a team with a Cardinal on their helmet. But that day has come. All you have to look forward to is another team in '09 on the cutting edge of mediocrity. Look on the bright side...9-7 isn't all that bad when you've got the best running back in NFL on your team (too bad the guy handing him the ball has no business being in the NFL).

Husker fan- Oh how times have changed. We're overjoyed by a 9 win season and a New Year's bowl victory? Yep. Take what we can get these days. But the future is bright. Cheers! Oh yeah, and based on the post game interview with Ron Brown, it sounds like revival is breaking out on the team. That dude is so unashamed of Jesus.

Charger fan- I'm so glad for you. You got the perfect ending to the season- another shot at Denver at home (Ed Hochuli, you're off the hook!), then you took Indy out in OT. Nice. BTW: With the way Sproles looked, don't be bummed LT is out. 

Cyclone fan- I'm trying to be optimistic, but it's tough these days. Hilton magic isn't quite as magical. Jack Trice has been a home for blowouts. We had one of the worst weeks in history (losing to the Hawkeyes in everything, losing our football coach, etc.). But the sun will come out tomorrow...maybe.

Big 12 fan- If Texas and Oklahoma lose, it will be Big 12 exposure. That would be terrible. In that case, we should all feel bad for USC (I don't like them, either) and the Pac 10 for piling on about how terrible they were. Then they go off and go undefeated in the bowl games. 

That's all the sugar I can handle for now.

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