Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dangerous Journey

This is a book every family should own and read often to their kids...

Our kids love it, and we do our best to revisit it a few times a year. Sometimes we just pick a random chapter to read, and don't feel the need to go beginning to end.

The full version (Pilgrim's Progress) is a book everyone should read at least once in their life. 


Ed Noble said...

I agree. This is a classic & a great example of puritan spirituality. It's not a kids book, but Pilgrim's Regress by C.S. Lewis is a great sort of sequel & not a bad primer of the spiritual implications of the philosophies of our age.

Great news too about the $$$ & more importantly the souls. They are connected!

You da man.

Todd said...

Dude, is "Dangerous Journey" excerpts of Pilgrims Progress? Or is it the full deal?

Metropuritan Mark said...

I've never read Pilgrim's Regress...thanks for plugging it. I'm looking fw to reading it. God is rocking in TSC in some very cool ways that i'll tell you about sometime

This book is an abridged version of the original. It's still got the old King James English, but my kids love it. There's something "other world" about using phrases like, "Slough of despond". The illustrations are also money. It's accessible to young kids in the sense that it's such a well told story- the characters, the temptations, the glories. Also, a few years ago at our college ministry, the whole service was a "reader's theater" where they decked out the whole stage, and two guys read the whole Dangerous Journey book with candles, images on screens, etc. There was great feedback from that night. All that to say, it's not just a kids version.

Todd said...

Sweet! Thanks, man. I think that'd be a lot of fun for our College ministry too!

PS - Ed and I work together...that's how I found your blog.

PPS - just got "Valley of Vision" for Christmas. Loving it!!! Did you know that it's only available in 7 libraries in the country?