Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Taste of Heaven

Here are a couple samples of the new Hillsong DVD: "This is our God". This is the stuff that gives me chills, makes me cry with joy, fills me with vision, and stokes a fire in my soul for authentic, relevant, Christ exalting worship. You can watch the whole DVD on youtube- it's set up as a playlist. There's not a bad song on this album.

Thanks, Hillsong, for leading the charge in worship for the next generation. I'm praying for some of this anointing to spill over to the U.S. (particularly Ames, IA). Bring it.


Todd Wallace said...

I think it is super helpful that they inlcude the lyrics on their DVDs. I think it allows for the fullest experience of the presentation.


Leah said...

You and me both brother Mark.
(chills, joyfilled tears, fire for authentic, worship)

So, minus the vision part, that is a great gift you have Mark. However, I have a strong (bold that word) desire to serve and help facilitate this worship.

Thanks for sharing the videos.

Leah said...

Inspires me to grow in excellence as a musician for to bring more Glory to God.

Anonymous said...

Their music is great and I really enjoy listening to it casually and singing it during worship. However, the more I listen to it (and the more music they come out with) the more it all sounds the same. I love that we incorporate their songs and style in our worship as long as it doesn't dominate it. There are so many other songs and styles out there. I've really gotten into some older songs (adj. to contemporary style) lately because the lyrics are amazing. Example: Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Todd said...

Dude, you should check out a group called "Sovereign Grace" on iTunes. I'm really fond of their albums, "Come Weary Saints" & "Valley of Vision".


Metropuritan Mark said...


I'll check out Sovereign Grace music. I'm familiar w/ CJ Mahaney, as we've been inspired by his teaching and vision for the church. I think this music has grown out of their network of churches. Thanks for the suggestion

- Mark