Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

I'm currently blogging from the YMCA of the Rockies, where I'm speaking (aka: snowboarding) on a retreat for an Omaha youth group. You don't need dope to get high out here. God's creation is overwhelming.

Below: On the way out, we had a pit stop in Omaha, where I dropped off Cameron and Beck at my parents. They rode with Stan in his truck, eating deer jerky and talking about how to kill animals and make meat (Stan is the red-neck on our TSC staff)

Below: Here's my room with some of the fellas I brought out. This picture is meant to be a contrast with the next one. Before you view the next one, imagine that our room wreaks- it smells like a hamster cage. Four guys in a room with have that effect...

Below: Step outside, and this is what is staring back at us. The pure Rocky Mountain air, with unusually picture perfect snow flurries. It's breathtaking here.

Here's stan and I after breakfast this morning. 

Here's the picture perfect snow flake I was talking about...

Below: Here's my notes from last night. Every time I get up to speak I have to chuckle to myself- "God, if you can make this pathetic piece of paper come to life, changing hearts with my weak and inadequate words..."

All I can say about last night is this: there was a deep spirit of conviction among the group. It was an unusually intense night for the first night of a retreat. I felt like I was merely a hammer in the hand of God, who was pounding conviction into the souls of these young people. 

Hammers don't boast. 

Neither can I. "I praise you, Lord, that you can take an insecure, weak and nobody teenager (for that was me sitting in their seat 16 years ago) and use me for your purposes. I love you Lord"

Tonight I will be speaking on moral purity, based on our 2 Tim. 2:22 theme. It's the talk I rate "PG-13". If you are reading this before 10 pm CST, please pray for me as I speak. Pray also for the souls of these young people, that their hearts would be torched to live for Jesus.

Finally, I tweaked my knee pretty bad (really bad) yesterday. But I can't not go boarding today. I'm in Colorado. Winter Park, here I come...

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The Pelhams said...

Don't you just love Colorado!! My sister and brother-in-law live in Denver and we are going this summer to visit! Can't wait! We love the mountains they are breathtaking!! God's wonders are AWESOME!! I try to only use awesome whentalkingabout God, remember that message from Stephen Bush for Pursuit 2000?