Monday, September 29, 2008

Dads, we can do this thing!

Tonight we had family devotions at dinner. I'll chalk it up as a win, albeit an ugly one.

It started with Beck asking to pray. He started to pray for our neighbor, who was visiting for dinner. He was going to pray that "she would come to know Jesus" until he realized it was a seeker sensitive meal. He cut it short and stared at us, to which we said, "Thank you that _____ could join us for dinner tonight."

Then I busted out our Bible after I finished eating (before them). I explained to our guest, "We always read the Bible at dinner...." Ava cut me off, "No we don't. This is the first time, dad."

What does she know.

I read the story about the Ark (of the covenant, not Noah's) getting taken back from the Philistines after Yahweh showed up the Philistine god, Dagon. I asked why we don't carve an image of our God from a piece of wood. Cameron said, "We might think that is who God is- we may want to worship the paper and not God." I considered his brilliant response a result of my great question asking abilities.

We went around and shared 2 things we're thankful for...
- Ava, "teachers and friends"
- Beck, "Cameron and I don't know what else"
- Cameron, "Our house and that we are rich and have lots of food"
- Our guest got a pass
- Leatha, I can't remember for sure, but something about me being the best husband ever
- Me, "that we could spend the evening together as a family and have ____ over for dinner"

The kids all said their verse that Leatha memorized with them this month from Philippians 2:3 and Beck shared a verse that he had learned in his D6 class with Pastor Troy. Yep, that's our lead pastor leading the 3 year old class. One more reason I would die on a hill with my boss. More on that in another post about my mentors...

It was at this point that it all came to a crash landing.

As Beck was saying his verse and midway through blanked on the ending, we all started laughing at him. He didn't think it was funny. He ran to our room crying. I felt terrible.

When I was able to calm him down he said, "Don't laugh at me again, daddy."

Did I say I felt terrible? I'll put that on the list of things never to do again. So far that list is something like...
1. Don't tell Leatha "I heard you" while watching TV
2. Don't forget our anniversary. ("or my birthday" Leatha just chimed in...)
3. Don't eat a friend's one year anniversary tea ring (sorry Despards)
839. Don't laugh at my kids when they mess up a Bible verse (Romans 8:39 was the verse...)

Well, I did my best to pull a N.Y. Mets choke, but in spite of lying and wounding my child for life, I think we got a win out of it. As my friend Bob Thune, Jr says, "Some days you get points for just showing up."


Jake said...

You don't know me, but my brother, Jase Rohde, directed me to your blog a few months back. I just wanted to let you know that of all the blogs I read (a couple dozen) yours is one of my favorites.

Leah said...

Mark, If you teach your children how to take being laughed at, let me know. I still need to teach myself.

Sarah Wood said...

Don't worry Mark... Joel got made at me for laughing at him when he couldn't finish his verse either. I'm sorta competitive and it hurt his feelings too. It's a future wife thing too.... =)

Melissa Ulrickson said...

Stumbled across your blog while on Cornerstone's web page...this was hilarious and so authentic, love it.

John and I used to attend Cornerstone. At a small group icebreaker last month, someone asked John for a time when he experienced the body of Christ. He responded by saying it was when you and your wife came over to our UV apartment after our miscarriage. (We were new Christians at the time.) Just wanted to let you know that the encouraging act has not been forgotten - over 6 years later!

Metropuritan Mark said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I'd love to meet you sometime. If you're half as cool as your brother, it would be worth the drive to meet you, wherever you're at. Thanks for reading and posting. I look forward to your comments.

You can feel Beck's pain! I think I make a point to laugh at myself on a regular basis, pulling others into my idiocy. Learning to laugh at ourselves makes life so much more fun. My sister Barbie is my role model in this! Also, I hope to see you this weekend. I think I'm coming out on Sunday to "jump around" (aka lead worship) on the 180 retreat. I heard you and Craig might be there.

Joel needs a kick in the butt, that slacker. Just kidding, he is a man of God and his example in cherishing the scriptures is exemplary. You guys will be an awesome couple if you continue to apply all those memory verses! I can't wait to see how you will impact this world together...

Wow, what an encouragement to hear from you. I'm so glad you guys are doing well. It was painful to see you guys leave 6 years ago, but God has kept you on the path of righteousness! There's nothing better than hearing that!