Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week in Review

It was a crazy week. Here are some highlights:

- Ministry

I taught at Salt Company and felt the weight of God's presence while preaching and as we responded in worship. The beauty of teaching through a book of the Bible- which we do at Cornerstone on a regular basis, but we usually teach topically at TSC- is that you're forced to teach on passages you would probably never choose to teach on.

Case in point: Romans 2:17-3:8. It's not about heritage or religious ceremonies, but inner heart transformation, which is at the heart of the gospel.

Cornerstone services were AMAZING this weekend, as we celebrated Your Move: Renew. We're closing in on the end of our building campaign, and we've done our best to make it about God and people as much as possible. Almost to the neglect of talking about the building at all. It's fun to see the cranes putting steel go up right outside of my office window. It's a great time to be a part of Cornerstone (I can't remember a time in my 13 years that it wasn't...)

- Family

Beck cried for an hour until finally Leatha called, "You need to talk to Beck. He wants to know what you're wearing. All his jeans are dirty so he has to wear khakis." I told him khakis are cool and great for skateboarding and football. He immediately stopped crying.

Beck also is working on being focused while peeing. Leatha walked in and he was looking around, spraying everywhere. "Mom, I'm having a hard time focusing." He also showed Leatha his new trick where he puts some t.p. in the water, then leaves a bunch hanging out. He shuts the lid, then flushes and it sucks the t.p. right down. No wonder he's always in there for so long...

I was talking to Ava about how to imagine the words while reading. She told me that sometimes she wakes up at night at imagines movies playing in her room. Ava said a lot of them are "Jesus movies," the latest someone preached to a king and he repented and told everyone to obey Jesus. It's so cool to see her heart for God.

Cameron is reading books like crazy, and he loves to be read to. Tonight I read "Dangerous Journey" to him (Pilgrim's Progress for kids) and the story of Faithful being martyred at Vanity Fair is one of his favorite stories. He's fascinated by the fact that Faithful beat Christian to heaven. "Will we go straight to heaven when we die?" he asked.

Makai pooped out a whole baby carrot.


Christy said...

this post made me laugh out loud. twice. :) thanks for sharing.

J and J Masson said...

oh mark . . . who knew you were so funny! i had to read this one outloud to jesse. and he laughed just as much as I did. :)

Curtis said...

Take it for what's it worth, but your daughter may be having prophetic dreams. I've had friends and read about people have similar experiences starting as early as ages 5 or 6. I always encourage people who get dreams or feel the Lord is speaking to them to right it down with as much detail as possible to see if it happens later on and to always pray about it (and perhaps mature in it). Just a few thoughts...