Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pictures and Little House in the Suburbs

We had to miss D6 (our church's family ministry that rocks- maybe I'll post some pics or youtube footage if I can get my hands on it). So me and the boys rocked out while Leatha, Ava and Cameron went to D6. Here Beck is on stage.

A guitar solo was happens to the best of us Beck.

Makai rocked out for the first time. Dude can't even walk yet (15 months), but he positioned himself to where he could stand long enough to lay down some riff.

Makai was begging to play my guitar.

Out of the quarter pipe at the skate park...socks and helmet give it away... old skool. My ankles are still sore from launching out of that thing. I can't wait for Omaha this weekend- my friend just finished his half pipe. It's huge. I'll see if I can come up w/ some pics of that this weekend.

Ed, my concrete waves shut down for the winter, so I'm still trying to find a reason to come out and surf in SD with you this winter...

Just call me Charles (or Pa). On my day off (yesterday), I spent the day coring/slicing pears to make pear sauce for the winter. I also dug up all the onions in the garden and picked veggies. Just another day in "Little house in the Suburbs." Well, I'm not sure if a town the size of Ames has suburbs. But if it does, we probably live there.

As Leatha reads this, she said, "That is an exaggeration. You didn't slice pears all day...maybe an hour."

Well, it felt like it.

I was so tired from all the work- running those things through our pampered chef corer is a lot of work- we went to bed at 8:24.

Leatha made one of my favorites- Thai chicken curry. The egg plants came from our garden. The coconut milk in the background (and red curry paste, and whatever else she puts in) is one of the secret weapons in the recipe. And you have to eat it with Jasmine rice.

Dang it's good.

Are you kidding me? 9:32! Go Cubs. Good night now.


Anonymous said...

Leatha, Can you share the Thai Chicken Curry recipe with us?

Leatha said...

Above is the link to the recipe I use. One thing I do differently is replace the fish sauce with seasoning sauce or soy sauce. I usually double the recipe for our family and there are some leftovers. I cook it for at least an hour so that the eggplant falls apart and thickens the sauce.