Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lords of Dogtown

Well, not exactly.

fyi- L of D is a movie about the birth of skating. Although it's not a great movie it provides an insightful look into skate culture...broken teenagers basically started it.

But on our trip back to Omaha I had a great time hooking up with an old friend I haven't skated with in about 20 years and my older brother (looking a little out of touch- but props to him, he still got some rock'n'rolls and 50-50's in his old age)
The ramp was water logged and therefore speed was hard to come by because of all the rain. But I was pretty determined to skate anyway.
Below: I have the coolest parents in the world. Here we are at the children's museum- my mom packed a lunch for us. They always pay for our gas to come out and try to pay for our food, etc while out there. I hope to live to be a blessing for my kids as much as they have for me (and my brother and sister)

Above: The boys driving a fire engine at the museum

Below: I was picking pears (thanks, Joel!) and all was going well. Until...
The branch broke. I fell about 9 feet. My toe got jacked up pretty good but other than that I didn't sustain any major injuries. It could've been bad. Stan got a good laugh.
Below: Makai was in pear heaven.

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