Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mowing, Kid Sports, Politics and Prophecies

Mowing: I mowed my "lawn" today. With a weed eater.

Kids in Sports: I saw a couple dads at the grocery store tonight. They had their kids with them, fully decked out in their soccer uniforms. I think it's cool the dads were with their kids.

But despite the cultural pressure, our kids are not playing sports at such a young age. It's a big hassle. I'm not sure why people feel the need to join the rat race of athletics. Jesus didn't have little league. It's amazing he turned out (props to Voddie Baucham for pointing this out). I'm sure if our kids don't love Jesus we'll know why...

Politics: This political season has caused me to grow more and more cynical. Leatha asked me the other day if we were going to put up a sign in our yard. I'm not sure why, but I just don't want to (I'm not implying that she did...). Maybe it's because I don't ever want to be identified by a political party. I think it could become a barrier to representing Christ. I'm not dogging those of you with signs. Or those of you that are passionate about politics. But let every sign be a reminder to pray for the reign of Christ (i.e. Lord's prayer)

Prophecy: My dad said there's a prophecy circulating about America. I think the gist of it is that with all of the natural disasters, attacks (wtc), financial implosion- God is bringing judgment on America and the future is not bright.

My first response is to do my best to obey 1 Thess. 5:20 "do not treat prophecies with contempt." My second response is to struggle with treating the prophecy with contempt.

First of all, if this is true, which it very well could be, what will change about my life? What if we lost everything? How would poverty affect our family? Me personally? I will still pray the Lord's prayer a lot. Maybe more often. My family would be forced to a greater dependence on the Father. That could do nothing but bear good fruit in us. So I conclude, "God, if this is true, humble me and help me to grow in dependence on you so that if we lose everything it will mean nothing to me, since I'm already dead to the world and alive to Jesus."

My second response: I think these prophecies smack of American ethnocentrism. How many natural disasters, financial devastations, terrorist attacks, wars, etc have other nations faced in the last week? Has God brought judment on them? Go ask the Sudanese what they think about this prophecy, "You lost your home? Me too. It was bulldozed 9 years ago. So now I live in this refugee tent with my family- what's left of them." As Christians, suffering is what we're used to. Endurance is what we're trained for.

Wall Street has a bad week and out come the prophets sending out spam.

But it might not be spam. It might be for real. Either way, "God, let your kingdom come."

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