Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I used to think birthdays were no big deal until mine was forgotten a few years ago. From that point forward I decided I was going to make birthdays special. One birthday tradition we have is in the morning (no later than 7) taking a cinnamon roll with a candle in the middle to the birthday person and singing to them. The birthday person is supposed to stay in bed until we all get there and then act like we woke them up.

I always ask what they want to have for supper and every year they say pizza and corn (two things they love and don't eat that often).

We haven't given many gifts to our children, mostly because they are little and don't need much. This will probably change in the future a little.

Cakes have always been simple. The child usually picks the flavor and frosting. This year Cameron colored a picture of LarryBoy and we're going to put that on the cake (much easier than me trying to be creative with frosting---though I wish I was good at that kind of thing).

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