Friday, January 18, 2008

Easy Supper menu

I've always wanted a good roasted chicken recipe and I think I've found one. It is super easy and very tasty. I'll often buy a whole chicken, follow this recipe and serve it with potato wedges and steamed broccoli. All of my kids nap/play by themselves from 1-3 everyday. This is when I sometimes will get supper ready. I don't like to spend too much of the 2 hours preparing food so I like this menu because it's quick. It can be made up ahead. I usually put the chicken in 2-3 hours before we eat, then the potatoes in about an hour ahead. I cut up the broccoli and leave it in the pan on the stove and then steam it about 10 min. before we eat.The chicken is nice because I usually have leftovers which I will use in a soup the next day along with some of the broth from the chicken.


The Tuttles said...

Thanks for posting some of your recipies. They are always so good! I am anxious to try them!

Anastasia said...

What kind of pan do you use?

The Arants said...

I put the chicken in a pampered chef pot with lid. I kind of have to stuff it in. Any pan with a lid will work.