Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What do pastors do all day?

It's Tuesday and I'm sitting at home blogging.

Which raises the question... "C'mon, it's the middle of the week, when every normal person in the world is out being productive- who sits around at home on Tuesdays writing blogs?"

Pastors do, I guess. (and some college students).

"What do pastors do all day?" It's one question that I get a lot. So I thought I'd give an answer. The problem is that there is too much in one week to post on one day (though at the moment I have the time to write, you don't have the time or interest to read it in one sitting). Over the next week, I'll give you a concise version of my day. I think this will be a pretty typical week in the life of Mark Arant, college pastor.

This is my only (reliable) day off. Saturdays and Sundays are often filled with weddings, college events, church responsibilities, retreats, etc. so I fight pretty hard to keep Tuesday as a day off. Which means I'm selective about which calls I take, and I try to stay away from the church office.

I'm sick today- runny nose, achy, feverish. Late nights and early mornings (which I had a few of last week) are a formula for sickness. It's my "thorn in the flesh."

But, I can't just lay around in bed all day and expect Leatha to do everything (we have 4 little kids). So I got up around4:00 am and ate a grapefruit and threw down some echinacia. I helped Beck go potty at 5:15 and put him back to bed. I dozed off for a few minutes and woke up around 7:30. I consider this the official start to my day.

Read my Bible and used SOAP
Ate some frittata that Leatha made
Watched the kids for 2 hours while Leatha went to the chiropractor. I did school with the oldest two (phonics- how does Leatha do it- what a lesson in patience!) and cut everyone's fingernails.

Shoveled the driveway/walks. Took our neighbor's snowblower to the shop (I ripped the cord out trying to start it last night- don't you love those unexpected $40 expenses of life?).

I felt so sick I came inside and laid down. Leatha brought me some homemade chicken noodle soup. Showered with Makai and Cameron. Rested for an hour- which involved sleep and watching some Planet Earth (check out the 14 minute preview video...epic)- while the kids listened to Addy and did afternoon nap/room time.

(evening plan in future tense- I'll change it tomorrow if it's not really what happens)
Will take the kids to "ISU Swim and Gym". Dinner (leftover chicken, potato wedges and broccoli). Read Big Truths for family devotions. Brush kids' teeth and get them to bed by 7:00. Pray a Psalm over them, then (gladly and with great relief) fall into bed and do our best to finish Spiderman 3 (We rarely finish movies in one night, as we're usually asleep by 9:30 or 10.

That's a pretty typical day off.

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