Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What do pastors do all day? (Part 2)

I thought about not posting today since my day has mostly consisted of laying in bed with a fever, chills and nausea. It's obviously not a typical Wednesday, but I did manage some degree of productivity while the Advil was in full force...

Emails, mostly. Brandon Barker is going to speak for me at TSC this week. He is a great communicator, one of the best speakers to youth in all of Iowa. I know he'll hit a home run.

This morning I caught up on my reading (Luke 4-11) and posted on the TSC blog. Honestly, it felt more like homework than a fresh word from God. But as my dad says, "Sometimes reading the Bible is like eating plain shredded wheat- dry but nourishing." Sometimes less is more when I read my Bible, mostly because I'm such a slow reader and I have poor reading comprehension.

I watched more Planet Earth and I'm about to watch 3:10 to Yuma. I love Westerns (especially Lonesome Dove and the Return to Lonesome Dove- Pride and Prejudice for men, but not quite as wholesome), but I wish there was some resource out there (i.e. a movie reviewer...) who I could trust for which movies are worth watching. Any ideas?

I've found movies to be a much better waste of time than television. With the constant breaks in the story line ("We interrupt this tv show to tell you about 10 more things you don't need."), our minds are taught to think in sound bytes. That's not good for the brain.

Reading is best, but it's the last thing I want to do right now...

I think Iowa State plays on ESPN tonight, so I guess this is the exception to my theory. We all know there's nothing to sharpen the mind like a good sporting event on TV.

PS- As far as pure entertainment value goes, we didn't like Spiderman 3. BUT, in terms of the themes presented (i.e. destructiveness of vengeance, bitterness, rage, and anger) it depicted the world as it really is.


Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

Drew checks every movie we watch at

We are starting the Lost series through Blockbuster online. So much easier than watching it on tv, no commercials! But, the downfall is we sit and watch four episodes at a time becuase we must know what happens next!

The Arants said...

Watch out for Lost- it's like entertainment crack- so addicting! We got too frustrated with that show so last year we broke the Lost addiction. But it's much better w/o commercials, for sure.