Thursday, January 24, 2008

What do pastors do all day? (Part 3)

This has not been a typical week- I'm on day 3 of laying in bed sick...influenza?

But there is good news.

I just learned from wikipedia that each year influenza is responsible for 10 billion dollars lost in productivity (just in U.S.). The good news is that I don't think I contributed to that problem...does a pastor being sick really affect the economy? It's not like a pastor's job is tangibly productive. There aren't houses that didn't get designed or framed or drywalled because I laid in bed for 3 days.

But there was some productivity. My heart was met with more force this morning from Luke 12-13. I just decided today- I think Luke is my favorite of all the gospels. I had two critical conversations with people in our college ministry who just found out their parent's have serious health problems. It tears my heart out. I prayed with them and encouraged them with Isaiah 26:3. I also spent an hour this morning with some dear friends who are visiting from a hemisphere away (Kazakstan)- Jake, Stephanie, Eva, and Luke Huck.

I managed to waste some more time...
- I tried to earn some man points by watching Live Free or Die Hard. It was terrible. I kept telling myself, "Mark, you can make it through this whole movie." However, I just couldn't. But thanks to redbox, just time, and not money was wasted.

I can't tell you how anxious I am to get on with life tomorrow!

P.S.- I just got a text message that our college ministry gave $4,000 dollars tonight to the Leatha Foundation Orphanage! I'll fill you in on more details when I get them tomorrow.

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