Sunday, January 13, 2008

Family Night

Sunday night used to be movie night in the Arant household.

Then we realized something was wrong with spending the majority of our time telling our kids to be be quiet and stare at the television. Then there was the time Mark had the brilliant idea of watching Princess Bride with our kids (our oldest is 6). Needless to say, the torture and near suicide scenes weren't quite age appropriate ("Daddy, what is she going to do with that knife?"). So Mark is learning to defer to Leatha more... Don't get me wrong, we still watch movies every other week. But we found game night to be a nice break from the movies...

We play monopoly, battleship, candyland, and our favorites UNO and PIG.

What do you guys do for family night? Movie or game ideas?

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Barbie said...

We like "Sorry" and "Brain Quest"