Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anthem 2008

A couple years ago we started a worship event called Anthem, which is a sort of picture of my life calling- to make sure Jesus Christ becomes central to the affections of the next generation. It's growing into quite a movement. Youth from all over (not just our church) are welcome to pack into our gym to seek the Lord with us through worship and prayer.

We'll be recording a live DVD, which will include 6 of our original songs (they are very cool). The Anthem website is up now- click here.

If you're within driving distance, you should come join us on May 2nd. Our target audience is the teen to 20-something crowd, but adults are welcome.

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CP said...

Bro, quick question (well, maybe...) You've been talking about how this generation is a generation of emotional orphans and I really think that sounds cool and is right. I'm just not quite sure what it means. And what do you think the causes are. And the remedy (if you have one).