Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Beck, the two year old worship leader

He'll be three in about a month- and a lot can change in 10, 20 years. Just because a kid likes to worship and sing at age 3, doesn't mean he will at age 30. So I'm left to model a growing relationship with Jesus, Leatha, and to beg God to capture the affections of my kids.

Here Beck is singing into the mic at our Anthem rehearsal.

Get a leg up, Beck (John Cougar Mellancamp would be proud)

So my prayer over my kids tonight, in keeping with the prophetic word given to me 6 years ago- (click here for more on that), was from Psalm 9:10 "LORD, help Ava, Cameron, Beck and Makai to know your name. May they trust in you, LORD, for you have never forsaken those who seek you."

Beck rockin' out with Nick Brannen, one of our Anthem electric players.

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