Monday, April 14, 2008

Parenting Mistakes

I thought this was a great article by John MacArthur, a man we are all indebted to for pushing us to treasure God's word more. Click here for the 8 ways we often exasperate our kids. If nothing else, scroll to the bottom paragraph of the article and read one parent's regret.

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The Pelhams said...

This was a great reminder to let our kids act their age. Sometimes we get so caught up in making sure they are following the rules and behaving we forget that they are only 2 and 4. Andy pointed out the other night that they do a good job acting their age, and we need to remember not to treat them like they are older than they really are. Not that that is an excuse to allow for disobedience, but to remember they are still being trained and need a reminder sometimes when they push the limit!