Saturday, April 5, 2008

Family bike ride

Since the weather has been warmer, we have been doing family bike rides in the evening. It's fun to see neighbors we haven't seen for 5 months out from hibernation.

If it were Beck's choice, we'd skateboard instead of ride bikes. Pictured below are his skate shoes. They're too big and straight out of the 50's. When you think of the word "shoe," these are what probably come to mind. I'm not sure why he thinks they're like my skate shoes, but he insists on wearing them.

Check out the difference- Beck has dark deer eyes (as my dad says) and Makai's are bright blue.

Poor Cameron. He looks like a home school kid. Technically he is for another year, so I guess it's okay. I rigged the training wheels from Ava's girl bike onto his. The bike is way too small, but my parents brought a new one out for him this weekend. "New" for us means it came from a garage sale. And the helmet...

Here are the boys in the trailer. Every once in awhile I look back to see Beck pinching Makai's cheek or elbowing him. Also notice the basket on the back of my bike. Yes, I said my bike. (As opposed to my grandma's) It's tough to be cool sporting a basket, but I just tell myself I'm going to stay strong and bring it back. Or just bring it in for the first time. I'll be sure and post a picture of that whole bike/basket scene later.

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