Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A couple thoughts from today...

I talked to my dad tonight and he shared a quote from John Eldredge's new book,

"The Bible is not a book of exceptions, but a book of examples."

This strikes a chord with my longing to hear from God daily, and to experience the power of the kingdom. Too many Christians think God can't use them as he did the "superheroes" of the Bible. First, they weren't superheroes, and God not only can, but wants to use you! As James says, "Elijah was a man just like us." Since high school, when God first ignited my heart toward Christ, I've lived with this longing.

I have also been giving more thought to the issue of spiritual gifts. Our elder team will be reading through J.P. Moreland's new book, The Kingdom Triangle. In light of this, I listened to Mark Driscoll's message on 1 Corinthians 12-14. The dude went yard with those talks (Part 3 and 4?). It's the closest thing I've heard to where I'm at on the issue. Funny quote, "People ask me what our stance is on demons...we're against them! We believe in them and we are firmly against them."

My problem on some of these issues seems to be my praxis. Whatever I believe about these things may be true, but I don't see it in my life as much as I'd like. Moreover, when it does happen (i.e. demonic oppression, prophetic words, etc) it weirds me out. I'm quick to judge and rationalize ("that persons problem can't be demonic- they're just playing mind games with themselves").

Now I must get to St. Anselm's "Why God Became Man" for a book reading group on Sunday...

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