Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Band of Brothers 2

Here are a couple pics from our men's conference last weekend. One of the highlights- we had over 300 men participate in an all out paint ball war. I learned so much being in my 5 person squad, and having to submit to platoon leaders, company commanders, and ultimately, our general.

I learned I'm a poor listener and a bad follower. That shouldn't have been a revelation (my wife could've spared me the weekend and just told me as much), but there's something about going through a 4 hour war that will teach those things.

There are so many books on leadership, but not everyone leads. More people follow. Maybe there should be more books on following. All of us have to be followers. We don't lead God. We follow him. I've got a long way to go.

What was I thinking leading worship in this bandanna? I never did care for Willie Nelson. Oh well, it was Saturday morning and I had just rolled out of bed. This weekend I had the privilege of leading with two other great worship leaders- Todd Wallace and Jesse Antelman. "Team worship leading" is so much fun, and in my opinion, very effective.

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