Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hair Debacle

Everything was going just fine, until Meg, the professional hairstylist left our house.

I said, "Leatha, let's try it once without the cap- it's not quite as blond as I want it."

One thing I've noticed about men and their hair- most men resist changing their hairstyle after about age 26. No more risks after 26. That seems to be the age you're no longer eligible for "immature college student" status. I'm not sure why women are more open to exploring new styles after age 26, but they are. But who says a man has to settle on his hairstyle (or hair color in this case) by age 31?

Maybe I should after this mess.

I knew there was a risk, but why do any of us take risks? It just might work out for the best.

Or not... (told in third person as we recounted the story together...)

3:30pm Meg uses a professional highlighting mixture

(No Pics of Round 1, which was my natural brown color with some mild highlights)

4:30 Meg leaves, Mark doesn't think it's quite blond enough, so he suggests trying it without the cap.

4:45 Leatha says, "I think I could be a hairstylist, this is easy (as she cakes my hair with this toxic concoction)." Meanwhile, she refuses Mark's advice to do the whole thing (even the bottom of the back).

Round 2... Most of Mark's head a pathetic orange color

6:00 p.m. Round 3- Leatha goes to the store and gets a stronger coloring kit to make it more blond. They paste it on and it fries Mark's hair some more... A lighter orange (almost yellowish) color results...

They surrender the idea of getting a nice blond color. Meanwhile Leatha stumbles on some of this in her Walgreens stash (I'll explain what this is in some other post...)

Mark thinks, "If this potion can make me look half as good as this guy, it will be an upgrade." Notice the small print, "Lets you keep some gray" (or orange in Mark's case)

8:00 pm- Round 4- Not bad. The touch of gray seemed to do the trick.

9:00pm- Until it dried... still orange.

They cut their losses and watched "Dan in Real Life," which helped Mark forget about his stupidity for awhile.

11:00 pm- While Mark takes out his contacts he sees his orange head in the mirror and gets depressed again.

But not too depressed, because he's the eternal optimist. He thinks everyone will be coming to him for advice on how to dye their hair orange.


Anonymous said...

Stan texted me to ask me what I let you do to your hair... I'm sorry I left so soon. Next time, we'll do plenty of blonde, and I won't leave until IT IS FINISHED!!! Hahaha, it's hard for me not to laugh at those pictures. I can't wait to experience it in person:)

(your favorite professional hairstylist!)

Anonymous said...

Dude! Why does a 31 yr old man care this much about his hair? And why am I spending this much time reading blogs about people's hair?! After I started reading your blog I thought maybe I'd start one too, maybe for the purpose of journaling or to start conversations with others (a technological fellowship of sorts). But the more I see people's blogs and Facebook accounts, etc. I can't help but think this is all just a form of self promotion and narcissism. Keeping up a blog takes time and if you are blogging regularly about your life and times then what isn't getting your time that should be? Are we entertaining ourselves to death? Any thoughts?